Amazingly Soft Brushes

The brushes are soft and apply makeup very well. The bristles stay in place and I have no complaints about the product. As a vegan I'm very glad that I found a quality cruelty-free makeup brush set :) As for the price, I feel like the quality makes it worth it, and vegan cruelty-free products tend to be more expensive anyways. I have no problem spending more money as long as I know that no animals where harmed to make the product. - Mia 

High Quality

Thought I reviewed these but here goes-love em, period. I'm a retired make up artist & just needed some new brushes. There are so many now! After reading LOTS of reviews settled on these & very glad I did. Easy to build color & depth. Great for blending too, great all around brushes & my mainstay now. - C.L. Madsen

Very Pleased

Very impressed. These brushes exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Fast shipping, great price, awesome product. Would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a professional product. - Melanie

Kirei Makeup Brushes

Love, love, love these brushes. 67 years old and finally have makeup brushes that make the whole process seamless and fun. They are just the absolute best!

Five Stars

This is a beautiful set of brushes. The staff is very helpful and friendly. - Michelle

Excellent Quality

Really nice quality brushes and love the storage box that they came in!


Let me start off by saying, "These are the BEST brushes ever!" At first I liked the idea that these brushes are "Animal Cruelty-Free". I'll be honest though I wasn't sure how good they'd be? I've used many different types of synthetic brushes before, and wasn't too happy with them. I've found that most synthetic brushes feel "Pokey" to the face, so I was a bit skeptical. I heard good things about "Kirei Cosmetic Brushes", so I was excited to try them.  When I opened the shipping box, I was pleasantly surprised! The brushes came in a very stylish case! When I removed the protective wrapping on each of my brushes I couldn't believe they were synthetic!? They felt so good!!! And when I tried them.... Oh, ECSTASY!!! Smooth application, with NO STREAKING or LINES!!!
I guarantee you will be AMAZED!!! - Elan

Five Stars!

Bought these for my wife and she is in heaven with them. Would buy these again!